Renaissance Apparel is a clothing line that provides quality at a reasonable price.

Amour Vert

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Amour Vert was one of the first brands to launch compostable protective packaging. It works with factories that have been vetted for fair treatment of their workers. It has also partnered with the American Forests foundation to help offset its environmental impact. Amour Vert is one of the most well-known and influential sustainable fashion brands. It is committed to ethical practices and has celebrity supporters like Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively. The brand has a strong social media presence, and is often used by celebrities such as Meghan Markle and Emily Ratajkowski. Its advertising is not overly preachy, but does highlight its commitment to sustainability and transparency. 

Forever 21

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With its high quality apparel and colorful designs, Boden is a great place to shop. The brand offers a wide range of apparel for men, women, and kids. You'll find everything from a basic t-shirt to a fancy dress. Its product lineup also includes the baby boucle, a popular item that's designed for newborns to three-year-olds.

In addition to its online store, the company also runs an in-store boutique. Its products are sourced from over 15 countries, and are designed and manufactured in the UK.

In an effort to make its clothing as environmentally friendly as possible, it has adopted several green initiatives, including recycling polyester and making use of recycled fabric.

Boden The company has also donated EUR 1.95 million to philanthropic organizations. The company has a formal animal welfare policy in place.

The return label can be a pain to attach to your package, but it's the only way to ensure your items are returned to you in pristine condition.

Another interesting aspect of the company is its 365-day return policy. One of the more impressive features of the company is its eco-friendly packaging.


The brand uses recyclable boxes and materials for packaging. You’ll also be happy to know that the majority of their clothing is produced from sustainable sources. 

Reformation is a US-based sustainable fashion company. Its product line includes women’s clothes and accessories. The brand is known for using recycled materials and sustainable fabrics.

The company also has a strong social media presence. It regularly posts photos of models wearing skin-tight dresses. It also publishes reports on the environmental footprint of its clothing producers. 


A majority of its products are manufactured in Los Angeles, while the rest are made by partner factories worldwide.  The brand’s founder, Yael Aflalo, was a former model who got dissatisfied with the fashion industry’s practices. She wanted to create a clothing brand that would be ethically produced. She started her first fashion line in 1999, and in 2009 she launched Reformation. The brand is now run by Hali Borenstein, who has been the CEO since June 2020. The company uses a variety of eco-friendly materials, including repurposed vintage clothing, low-impact fabrics, and recycled polyester. The packaging is also 100% recyclable.