Renaissance Apparel is a clothing line that provides quality at a reasonable price.

Todd Shelton


American-made clothing brands have a few different processes. Some use imported fabrics and some manufacture the goods themselves. In fact, many startup clothing companies contract with a factory to make their products.  Todd Shelton is a brand that uses an innovative approach. Instead of getting goods manufactured overseas, Todd Shelton makes everything in his own New Jersey factory. It’s a good thing too, as the clothing has a unique quality.  For instance, the brand offers a free Home Try-On program. The company also believes in the old adage that fit is the most important factor when shopping for clothes. For this reason, they allow their customers to choose the length of their inseam, as well as the collar style. 

Todd Shelton

brand uses

The brand uses a proprietary blend of cotton and modal that is knit in Clift, NJ. This particular material has many benefits, including its ability to be washed repeatedly for added softness. Simplicitie has been making clothing in America for 25 years. The brand also utilizes a small number of top-quality fabrics. These include Portuguese and Japanese cottons and a proprietary blend of cotton and modal. They're also pre-washed for extra softness.

Todd Shelton believes that a good shirt deserves the best materials. To achieve this, they source from manufacturers who share their values. They are also committed to creating jobs and making positive social shifts.

The Nike Swoosh is an iconic symbol. It's an interesting icon design that mimics the wing of the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike. It also represents speed, fluidity and onomatopoeia.The company's motto is "Ethical and sustainable design, with a modern twist".

The Nike swoosh logo has undergone several revisions since it's initial release. However, it is still used today. The original logo incorporated a simple, bold font. They have a two-year farm-to-closet initiative to create a better relationship with the environment and their employees.

It is said that the Nike swoosh logo was inspired by the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike. She was believed to inspire strength and boldness in her warriors.They also use original prints from deadstock fabric to reduce their environmental impact.

It was also believed that the wings of Nike were the source of inspiration for the Nike logo. The logo is considered to be one of the best logos in the world. They ship from their downtown Los Angeles factory. Each week, they release a new style. They pay fair wages and offer flexible hours.

swoosh logo

The Nike swoosh is an iconic symbol that is now present on Nike’s shoes, street wear and many other products. The swoosh is also known for being the most powerful logo. It is often found on high profile sports matches and is a popular symbol for the company. 

Made in USA clothing brands are becoming increasingly popular. They take a different approach than traditional apparel companies, using fabrics from domestic sources and paying fair wages to employees. Their designs are typically modern and minimalist.

It was also shown in a black and white palette. It was eventually changed to a plain orange hue.  The Nike swoosh was created in 1971 by a graphics design student at Portland State University. It took the creator of the Nike swoosh logo nearly 17 and a half hours to create the design. 

Gamine Workwear

Gamine Workwear is one brand that focuses on producing small, sustainable runs of workwear. It also pays living wages to its experts. The company uses organic, toxin- free materials to make its pieces.  Los Angeles Apparel is another brand that is focused on producing garments with an ethical and sustainable approach. The company regularly introduces new styles. It has a catalog of men’s and women’s clothing. It also supports a local workforce. It’s one of the best Made in USA clothing brands. 

Todd Shelton